Thursday, September 17, 2009

Canning Tomatoes- A Photo Essay

A couple weeks ago, my sister, Molly, and I drove down to Hollister to Mariquita Farm to pick organic tomatoes. Mariquita Farm is part of Two Small Farms where Jose and I get CSA pick-ups each week. Every once in a while, they have u-pick days on the farms, and this is the first we've been too. We ended up picking 58 lbs of tomatoes!!! (18 lbs Heirlooms and 40 lbs paste tomatoes). We just couldn't stop ourselves! A couple days later, Molly came over and we canned 21 pints of tomato sauce and pasta sauce. It's a looong process, but it felt pretty great going straight from the farm to the cupboard. Next year, I want to do it all summer...jams, preserves, pickles, mmmmm.


Chris said...

The photos are great as always. Scout at your feet lends the final touch. I'm very proud of both of you (you and Molly, not Scout). Now all I need is to sample the sauce!

Amy Carter said...

wow!!!! impressive. save a jar for me!

Molly said...

It was so fun! We've used one jar. Yummy!