Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Fresh Cakes

Guess what?! I'm making cakes for Garden Fresh in Mountain View now! This weekend I had my first order...6 cakes!!! It took me forever (one carrot cake disaster and one frosting mishap) and I lost a ton of money, but what do you expect the first time?! Hopefully now I'll be more efficient and so it will actually be a tiny bit profitable. Although, I'm definitely doing it more for fun than for profit. I miss working in restaurants and baking desserts. Go get some cake! (Let me know if it's good) :)

One the way over, one cake slid off the seat and squashed against the side! It was fixable though!

I wasn't going to put almonds on the side, but my chocolate ganache wouldn't set up enough for me to pipe decorations and I had to do something to make it pretty!! Why is it that things never work when it's actually really important but turn out beautifully when it's just for fun??