Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fresh From The Market


I finally went to the Farmers Market today for the first time since moving to San Jose. And while I must admit it's no Santa Cruz Farmers Market, it was still pretty exciting to get a bunch of fresh local produce. Among the things I got were cherries, apricots, almonds, peaches, nectarines, oyster mushrooms, fava beans, Jerusalem Artichokes, Little Gem Lettuce, and strawberries. As I'm typing this, I can smell the Apricot Almond Tart with Sweet Cherries I made baking in the oven. I had full intentions of coming home with Strawberry Shortcake ingredients, but when I saw the apricots, I knew I had to make something with them. Later today I'm going to make a Fava Bean Spread to serve on toasted crostini. I also really want to make something with the Jerusamel Artichokes, but I've never used them before, so I might have to do some research before I dive in. If anyone has any good recipes, let me know!

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