Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Recipe for Disaster...

For years now I've wanted to make my own cookbook, but my lack of commitment, time, and energy have always gotten in the way. That and the fact that I hardly ever measure ingredients or keep track of what I'm cooking made it hard to compile a significant amount of recipes necessary for a whole book. The desires still there, though, so I've decided to start a blog dedicated to recording and sharing recipes that I come up with.

All the recipes are vegan, but my level of veganism might not be as strict as some, so take it with a grain of salt if I use honey in a recipe or I don't specify using vegan sugar instead of white sugar. That's the beauty of cooking, though. You can take anyones recipe and mold it to fit your needs. This blog is also about cooking, not debating the merits of a vegan diet, so if you're looking for a debate, go somewhere else! If you're looking for good, natural food, I'm your girl.

So here it cooking blog. Most of the recipes I post will be my own. If they aren't, I'll say so. Recipes are kinda like music though; most everything has been done before and anything new is just rearranging cords. A lot of what I cook is modifications of other recipes which I think is perfectly acceptable!! Enjoy.

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Molly said...

Mmmmm! Yummy! Maybe I'll start cooking now. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just spend more time at your house eating what you make. Yeah. That sounds better.